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Windhoek International School’s ISTA festival

It is with great gratitude that we are sharing our feedback on our experiences at the Windhoek International School’s ISTA festival. Two weekends ago, WIS hosted an ISTA theatre festival that saw students from all around the world come together at Midgard to create theatre together. Embedded in the hours of creativity and serious play were meaningful connections made between different people and the land.

Unique to the festival hosted by WIS was an authentic relationship created between Namibia, the people and the stories that it holds, and our visitors. This together with ISTA’s pedagogy of creating theatre through ensemble work created a space that was capable of holding and embracing all present, allowing our work to expand beyond perceived boundaries that we imagine in our day-to-day lives. It was truly wonderful, the thought and care that had gone into every aspect of the event was really astounding. We thank all the parents who supported this event by sending their kids along to play with others and with nature.

We also thank all staff at WIS who baked, cooked, managed budgets and lent an open heart and mind to make this moment a reality. It is through experiences such as these that we are reminded of the power of coming and working together.

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