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Quite simply, because it is widely recognised as the very best pre-university course anywhere. “The IB” (strictly speaking, the Diploma Programme of the International Baccalaureate Organisation) was created fifty years ago to meet the needs of the growing number of students who wished to study internationally.


National examinations such as the Abitur in Germany, A-Levels in the UK, the NSC in South Africa and the NSSC here in Namibia are largely tailored to the needs of local colleges and universities.  The IB Diploma is unique in being designed from the outset to prepare students for entry to universities all over the world.


All major universities recognize and value the IB Diploma.  Many actively seek IB graduates. Here is what one leading university has to say about the IB.

And after fifty years, there is now abundant evidence that students who have studied the IB Diploma:


  • have greater success with university applications;

  • make the transition from school to university more easily than others;

  • have a lower drop-out rate;

  • gain better degrees;

  • and have better career prospects than non-IB students.


You can read much more about the research behind these facts here.

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