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Technology aids learning, just like a pencil or dictionary. It is used as and when necessary to support a blended approach to learning and allow students to show their thinking. The school employs a Bring Your Own Chromebook programme for Grades 5 to 12. 

Our younger students in Primary School may use iPads up to the end of the 2021-2022 school year. iPads should run at the minimum, the iOS 13 operating system. Currently, Grade 5 students and onwards, are encouraged to use Chromebooks. They are cost-effective, have a longer lifespan and give very few technical issues, and have a full-size keyboard. We are a Google Apps For Education school and all the Google Apps are native to Chromebooks.


As of August 2022, only Chromebooks will be accepted as school devices.

The school community (teachers, students, parents) uses the Google Suite as a platform for creating, sharing, and collaborating on documents. Google Classroom facilitates online discussions, access, and submission homework and keeps parents up to date with student learning. Seesaw and Google Sites allow students to document and reflect on their learning.

At present, Chromebooks are not readily available in retail stores, however, an order can be placed through (mentioning the school’s name for the special order) or by visiting them at Maerua mall. Alternatively one can purchase a Chromebook outside of Namibia. 

Our Multimedia Learning Space facilitates maker activities such as robotics, introduction to circuits, and 3D Printing. Some of these activities are also done in the classroom. 

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