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Bring Your Own Laptop Technical Specifications and Smartphone Prohibition Policy


Smartphone Policy

  • Students in Grades 10 and under - In response to evolving educational research about the negative impact of social media and smartphone use, WIS has a policy that students in these grade levels must leave their phones at home. Smartphones seen on campus will be confiscated from the student and returned only to the parent/guardian. If students require bringing a phone to campus for transportation or safety purposes, then the phone must be checked in at Reception at the start of each school day and then retrieved between 1:45 pm and 3:00 pm.

  • Students in Grades 11 and 12 - Students are permitted to keep their smartphones on their person. Smartphone use is prohibited in restrooms and is prohibited outside during breaks. Smartphones must remain out of sight and in silent mode during class time unless with prior permission from the supervising teacher. 


Bring Your Own Laptop Policy

  • Early Years to Grade 4 - The school provides the device students use on campus. 

  • Grades 5 and up - Students bring their own devices. The minimum specifications are included below. In Grades 5-8, Chromebooks are preferred but not required. If you have any questions then please reach out to

  • Students enrolled in MYP4/5 Design Class - Apple Mac suggested but not required - (see specifications below) 


Microsoft Windows

  • Windows 10 or 11

  • Has at least 6-8 hours of battery life

  • Recommend: 8GB of RAM

  • Recommend: SSD or NVMe 256GB or greater

  • Recommendation Intel i5 10th Gen or higher processors, AMD Ryzen 5 or higher processors

  • All Windows devices must have an up-to-date Antivirus software package installed

  • Recommended: Laptop bag/sleeve / hardshell case


Apple Mac

  • Mac OS Version 12 or higher

  • Please ensure the device has received all its updates and has an Apple ID signed in and Find My "Device" is configured

  • Recommended: M1 or M2 series processor – Very Good battery life

  • Recommended: Laptop bag/sleeve / hardshell case



  • Recent model in order to receive updates (Extensive list)

  • Minimum 4gb ram

  • Recommended: 32GB Storage

  • Recommended: Laptop bag/sleeve / hardshell case



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