PTA (Parent Teacher Association)

The  PTA is an effective and positive force at WIS

The Windhoek International School Parent Teacher Association (WIS PTA) is made up of all Parents or Legal Guardians enrolled at WIS  and Teachers employed by the school.


It is an effective and positive force at WIS and all members are encouraged to be involved.


The Executive Committee (ExCom) which is elected from within the PTA manages the affairs of the PTA.

PTA Representatives for 2019 - 2020
  • Chair: Michelle Jackson-Reed

  • Co-Chair: Bill Walker

  • Secretary: Priscila Maramba

  • Treasurer: Ajit Nambiar

School Representatives:

  • Beth Smith (Primary)

  • Maggie Reiff (Secondary)


Teacher Representatives:

  • Tanya-May Knouwds (Primary) 

  • Lian Cohen (Secondary/Middle School)

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