Welcome to Windhoek International School (WIS). WIS is a co-educational school and in Secondary School we offer three different programmes. In Grade 6 - 8 (Middle School), the curriculum is designed to build on the PYP and prepare learners for the exam courses ahead.  In Grade 9 and 10, we offer the IGCSE from CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) and in Grade 11 and 12, we offer the IB Diploma.


Although we offer these international programmes, our prime goal is ‘to develop the full potential of each student in a stimulating environment of academic excellence, cultural diversity and active social responsibility to become internationally minded independent thinkers.’ (WIS Mission Statement).


When students enter the higher grades in their school career, academic performance becomes increasingly important. We would, however, fail our mission, if we solely focus on academic progress.

Being an inclusive school, WIS aims to meet all our students where they find themselves in a specific phase of their lives and guide and educate them to become confident and responsible global citizens.



We pride ourselves in being diverse and multi-cultural and our students mention this as the biggest strength when asked what they appreciate most in our school. We also value the close relationship our students have with their teachers. This ensures that we are aware of every child’s strengths and challenges and that we can support them as well as possible.


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Secondary Principal:
Maggie Reiff