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WIS Celebrates World-Beating MAP Growth Results

Dear Community,

Our Primary and Middle School students take MAP Growth tests at the start and end of each school year. We are seeing that our approach to explicitly teaching skills is really starting to pay off.

In grades 1-8, here are the results we have seen over the past two years in terms of our students’ growth in achievement relative to other schools taking MAP Growth Tests in Grades 1-8:

  • WIS outgrew the world by +9% in Reading

  • WIS outgrew the world by +14% in Mathematics

  • WIS outgrew the world by +13% in Language Usage

Chart 1: NWEA MAP Growth Results: Orange represents the average growth seen by all schools who take MAP Growth Assessments. Green represents the average growth seen by WIS students in Grades 1-8 over the past two years. 

The WIS Primary School has now completed our 2023-24 MAP Growth Tests. The trending results are shown below. You will see that for the first time ever, our MAP Growth Achievement Results now sit at or above the world average for Reading, Language Usage, and Mathematics.

Chart 2: Three year Achievement Overview for WIS Grades 1-5, by year and by global percentile of MAP achievement score

Orange = Reading

Green = Language Usage

Blue = Mathematics

The Middle School Grades are presently taking their end-of-year MAP Growth Tests, and we will share these Grades 6-8 results when they are ready.  

Map Growth is only one way we assess at WIS, and we don’t really “teach to the test”; however, these results are a great reason to celebrate! We know that individual students have good days and bad, but taken as a whole these results are proof that our International Baccalaureate approach to teaching and learning is having an outsized impact on our students at WIS. We know that we learn reading, writing, and mathematics better when skills are explicitly taught within the context of something meaningful. 

Learning is a deeply personal process, and when students are inspired to learn about a new concept then the teachers can stop lecturing and instead serve as a guide for their students’ personal learning journeys. What has worked at WIS since 2022 has been an increased emphasis upon high-impact instructional strategies. When the International Baccalaureate framework is used alongside clear standards-based learning objectives, then this is what happens! 

With just two weeks to go, I’m sure you will join me in thanking our teachers for their excellent work this year!



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