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Meet our Primary Student Council

The Primary Student Council comprises dedicated and enthusiastic students from grades four and five. The council's mission is to amplify the voices of the youngest members of our school, ensuring that their ideas, concerns, and aspirations are heard and addressed. With a strong commitment to fostering leadership, teamwork, and responsibility, the Primary Student Council will actively engage in projects, events, and initiatives aimed at enhancing the overall educational experience for our primary students. Through their dedication and creativity, they will contribute significantly to our vibrant school environment, encouraging unity, empowerment, and a sense of belonging among our youngest members.

Allow us to introduce ourselves to you.

Elaina de Almeida - Grade 5

Hello, my name is Elaina De Almeida, I am 10 years old, and the sports I love to do are Gymnastics, Swimming, and Athletics. My favourite foods are ribs and chips.

Ronan Keonn-Kisting - Grade 5

Hi, my name is Ronan Keonn-Kisting. I am ten years old and I am honoured to be on the student council. I love football and Harry Potter and I would love to make WIS greater, even than it is now.

Amy Liedke - Grade 5

Hi, my name is Amy Bukenya Liedke. My favorite colors are green and blue. Some of my favorite hobbies are singing, swimming, and lots more. I am an inquirer because I am very curious and I'm always wondering how things are made and where they come from.

Stella Amoroso - Grade 5

Hello, my name is Stella Amoroso. I'm in the student council. I love to play sports, and instruments and sketch in art. Currently, I do rock climbing, soccer, drawing, and judo. I also play the recorder and piano. My favorite colors are midnight blue and cherry red.

Nevaeh Cooper - Grade 4

Hello, my name is Nevaeh. I am nine years old. I like dancing and singing and I like all the subjects I have at school. I also love pizza and I was born in Namibia.

Jody Williamson - Grade 4

Hi, my name is Josie Williamson. I love chocolates, art, and my family. I am kind and a good listener. One day I want to travel the world.

Kiara Gary - Grade 4

Hi, my name is Kiara Gary. I am nine years old. I like to read and write, and to swim.

Sebastian Cole - Grade 4

Hello, My name is Sebastian I believe that it was a good idea to elect me to student council because now I feel I have the authority to make a difference in student's lives.

We look forward to a productive year with our Primary Student Council.

Ms. Jacky F and Ms. Qaanita

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