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Grade 4 Camping Trip Experience

Dear WIS Community,

As I write this, I have just received happy news from the Grade 4 Camp Leaders that the camp is turning out to be a huge success!

Here is a window into the Grade 4 experience….

The camping trip aims to achieve several learning objectives, including developing teamwork and building stronger connections with classmates and teachers, cultivating environmental sensitivity and stewardship skill, acquiring practical camping skills and feeling more comfortable in outdoor settings, increasing awareness of the surrounding environment, with a focus on Namibia and Southern Africa and learning actionable steps to improve the surrounding environment.

Throughout the trip, students are encouraged to reflect on their goals and experiences using guiding questions such as:

  • What is my goal in exploring more challenging outdoor environments?

  • What shared goals do we have as a team during our outdoor expeditions?

  • How can I meet my personal goals and contribute to our group goals in complex activities?

  • How do we measure success in participation and teamwork?

  • What adjustments can we make for future outdoor challenges?

Camp Itinerary

The camping itinerary is filled with a variety of engaging activities designed to promote teamwork, exploration, and reflection:

  • Icebreakers and team-building challenges led by facilitators to strengthen camaraderie.

  • Nature crafts and scavenger hunts to encourage observation and creativity.

  • Educational sessions on snake safety and conservation led by experts.

  • Discovery hikes, knot-tying workshops, and shelter-building activities to develop practical outdoor skills.

  • Solo nature time and nature journaling sessions to foster mindfulness and reflection.

  • Campfire storytelling and songs for evening entertainment and community bonding.

As the camping trip comes to an end, students will gather for a closing circle to reflect on their experiences, share highlights, and express gratitude. Through a read-aloud of excerpts from their nature journals and discussions on lessons learned, students will deepen their appreciation for nature and teamwork.

Of course what is special about these trips is that these experiences create lasting memories which we, and I am sure everyone at home- can’t wait to hear!

Thanks to all our WIS teachers, parent volunteers, and participants who have made this experience possible!

Warm regards,

Marcelle van Leenen

Primary School Principal

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