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Finding the Right Fit - how best to prepare for your future

Last Friday we celebrated the graduation of the Class of 2024. It is always a very special celebration, but for students and parents it is something that is celebrated with mixed emotions - a celebration of successfully completing high school, but also the worries, uncertainties and questions that go with starting a new chapter in life. 

In the past months, I was fortunate to have been invited to several events as WIS’ Career Guidance Counsellor. I had the opportunity to connect and have conversations with many representatives from Higher Education at the Global International Schools Forum and Workshop in London as well as attending counsellor fly-ins to NYU Abu Dhabi and Cape Town for a counsellor event hosted by ieUniversity. These events give a good insight into various institutions of higher learning that could potentially be a good fit for our students graduating from WIS. 

WIS’ celebration of diversity is certainly something that is sought after at universities and colleges all around the world at the moment. Our students’ ability to think critically, be creative, innovative and well rounded through the IBMYP as well as the IBDP, is a great asset that they bring to tertiary institutions. It must, however, be emphasised, that academic rigour and achievement are still the determining factors in university admissions. With the rigorous IB Diploma Programme our kids are equipped with the best skills to thrive in an environment of higher learning. It is, however, critical that ATL (Approaches to Teaching and Learning) skills are consolidated and strongly applied throughout secondary school. These skills:

  • Thinking skills.

  • Communication skills.

  • Social skills.

  • Self-management skills.

  • Research skills.

are the basis of learning right through life and if they can be acquired and practised early on in school education, they help our kids be strong lifelong learners. These are the candidates universities are looking for as good fit for their institution. 

A good fit in an educational institution is multifaceted. Not all children are able to handle the more self-directed learning environment we provide at school. It is therefore quite important that parents, children and the school keep in constant touch with each other to support this way of learning.

To share my impressions and the information gained at the different events in the past months, I am inviting all families and students who are preparing for life after graduation, to an information session on 

Wednesday, 12 June at 18:00 in the WIS Staff Room. 

HERE is a document with a summary of my notes from the different events and other information for everyone’s perusal. This is a lengthy document with a lot of information, but I will prepare an overview for the parent meeting. 

Maggie Reiff

Secondary Principal 

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