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Fifth Graders Shine at PYP Exhibition

Dear WIS Community,

The PYP Exhibition evening on Monday was a resounding success. The range of topics explored by the students was diverse and thought-provoking. From combating anxiety and teaching financial literacy to addressing land pollution and the impact of space trash, the projects showcased the students' deep understanding of complex issues. Other notable topics included the relationship between poverty and healthcare, the effects of racism on athletes, and the importance of inclusive education for neurodiverse individuals. One project even shed light on the Stampriet Aquifer, an underground water source that spans across Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa.

We are excited that NBC will be reporting on the Exhibition.

The Grade 5 PYP Exhibition is a culmination of a trans-formative learning journey that goes beyond the acquisition of knowledge. Throughout the process, students encounter challenges and obstacles that test their resilience, time management skills, and ability to collaborate effectively.  While the path to the exhibition evening is not always smooth, it is precisely these challenges that foster growth, adaptability, and a deeper understanding of the learning process. It reminds us that learning is a messy and non-linear process. It is through some struggle that growth and development occur.

The success of the PYP Exhibition is also attributed to the incredible support system that surrounds them- the WIS Community of Learners. The guidance of teachers, encouragement from parents, and the embrace of the community have all played a role in the students' achievements.

As we celebrate the accomplishments of our fifth graders, I would like to recognize their individual strengths:

Nami, your love for animals is truly remarkable. Your compassion and care for all living creatures is an inspiration to those around you. Not only have you shown incredible growth in your Maths and English skills, but you also consistently demonstrate helpfulness and caring towards your peers, nature, and animals.

Stella, your natural curiosity and enthusiasm for inquiry-based learning have been an inspiration to us all.

Xander, you are a spirited, curious, independent-minded and bold learner, always ready to push the limits and challenge the status quo.

Charlotte, your caring nature towards your peers, nature, and animals, combined with your willingness to take risks and be principled for a friend, has been admirable.

Gavriil, your appreciation for collaboration and your excellence in chess have made you a valuable member of our school community.

Jonathan, your well-rounded approach to learning and your love for drawing have brought joy to the classroom.

Tia, your principled nature, persistence, and excellent thinking and communication skills have set a wonderful example for your peers.

Annabelle, your curiosity, love for challenges, and caring attitude have made you an exceptional inquirer and friend.

Jaylee, your energy demonstrates  curiosity, creativity, and eagerness to explore new ideas. 

Amy, your creative expression, confidence, and growing ability to work collaboratively have been a delight to witness.

Kayla, your dedication, kindness, and pride in your achievements have made you a role model for your classmates.

Enzisia, your perseverance in developing independence and your willingness to take risks have been commendable. We've also noticed an exceptional score on Maths IXL!

Milla, your caring nature, and willingness to help have made you an invaluable member of our class.

Tutu, your communication skills and principled nature have been evident in all your interactions.

Kate, your confident and creative expression, positive attitude, and well-rounded interests have been a joy.

Melieke, your organisation, open-mindedness, and love for maths have been true assets to our learning community.

Zhuowen, your remarkable progress in developing independence and your creativity have been an inspiration.

Sarah, your strong will, great communication skills, and caring attitude have made you a force to be reckoned with.

Gabriel, your mathematical abilities, willingness to take risks, and growing independence have been wonderful to witness.

Aman, your inquisitive nature, initiative, and commitment to becoming a responsible global citizen have set you apart.

Elaina, your thoughtfulness, great work ethic, and creativity have been truly impressive.

Alina, your hard work, growing confidence, and infectious smiles have brightened our days.

Ronan, your great sense of humour, passion for social justice, and love for reading have made you a unique and valued member of our class.

Enya, your fiery personality, caring nature, and maturity have been an asset to our learning environment.

Shanyce, your quiet thoughtfulness and helpful nature have made you a wonderful friend to all.

Arya, your creativity, awareness of inequalities, and excellent communication skills have set you up for success.

Hannah, your natural leadership, wonderful sense of humour, and grit have been an inspiration.

Anashe, your determination, perfectionism, and love for dance have made you a standout student.

Mikhail, your love for soccer and ability to make your friends laugh have brought joy to the classroom.

Justine, your perseverance, great sense of humour, and diva personality have made you unforgettable.

Lennard, your fascination with precious gems, sensitive soul, and growth in reading and writing have been remarkable.

Craig, your cool demeanour, quiet strength on the soccer field, and polite nature have made you a valued friend. 

Gummie, your netball skills, kindness, and ability to solve problems constructively have been admirable.

Logan, your quiet leadership, tenacity, and willingness to help your friends have made you a pillar of our class. ‘The more you learn, the more you earn’ is a message I won’t forget.

Sebastian, your intelligence, love for maths, and growing confidence have been wonderful to see.

Darrell, your boundless energy, quick wit, and intelligence have made you an unforgettable presence.

Anton, your great sense of humour, mathematical abilities, and perseverance in learning the English language has been truly inspirational. 

Scarlett, your bubbly personality, risk-taking nature, and incredible baking skills have brought sweetness to our lives.

Joshua, your caring nature, perfect ideas, and passion for AI have made you a standout student.

Bo (William), your serious and assertive nature, sense of humour, love for maths and technology, and diverse interests have made you a unique and valued member of our class.

To the Grade 5 students, congratulations on your remarkable achievements in the PYP Exhibition. We are incredibly proud of you, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for you!

Warm regards,

Marcelle van Leenen | Primary School Principal

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