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Breaking the Cycle: Education

Our students had such an opportunity on Monday morning. Both Primary and Secondary students were invited to attend a presentation by Kate Leeming. She departed the next day to embark on her expedition across the length of the Skeleton Coast, here in Namibia. http://www.breakingthecycle.education/

Kate departed on her cycling expedition from Kunene mouth to Oranjemund on the 17th May. Karibu safari will be her back up for the duration of this exciting expedition. For those interested, you can follow her on www.breakingthecycle.education.

She is here to promote the importance of education for all and to raise awareness of the coming support of the GHE solar project for Purros later this year. We wish Kate all the best.

Students reflected after her visit: They saw her as inspirational. Especially when she emphasised the message that they can do anything they dream of. All they need is to be committed, dedicated, work hard and never give up.

Below you see some pictures and writing some students shared and an email follow up from a parent in Grade 1.

“Dear Ms. B,

Ohole was very inspired by Kate from Australia yesterday. She came home recounting her adventures in 48 countries to me and my daughter spoke a lot of Kate’s passion and determination.

We just learnt how to ride a bike 2 weeks ago, so this intervention is relevant. Yesterday early evening we went out for a ride and I could hear her saying to herself “even though my legs are sore I won’t give up”.

Thank you for that exposure. These kinds of influences and positive role modelling are invaluable.”

This Expedition will be supported by our very own “Karibu Safari” based here in Namibia.

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