I just felt to write a small thank you to you again.

I had a chat with two friends of mine, their kids go to [School X] and [School Y], they were both devastated and so feeling down due to the online learning their kids are going through.

When I asked why? They both said: the children are all suffering as they are not used to be doing work on their own, meaning they are not thought to be independent thinker, independent learner. The kids are on the old system where the teacher shall push and pull and do the work so they might learn, I explained how WIS kids are doing and the fact that our system is not a recall of memory and it is teaching kids to learn to do independent leaning, and both of them felt so sad and asked me can they join the school. I told them to go online to our website and follow the procedure. 

But the whole conversation brought me to think : how lucky we are to have our kids at WIS. Really, seeing how other schools are struggling, and seeing how our school and kids are so used to work independently, and are doing well (kids that want to do well obviously), it makes one to understand and see the real difference in system of teaching, way the school handles situations, and above all the dedications of our school staff.
So once again, THANK YOU.

Thank you for all your planning, hard work, effort and time you and the rest spend to make sure the kids are learning, experiencing and coping.

Please give my thanks to all staff.

Namibian parent, May 2020

We would like to congratulate you for all the effort that WIS has been making so far, so that our students can continue with their progress in their school life, despite the difficult circumstances in which we find ourselves at the moment!

We, as Parents, are very satisfied with the commitment and dedication that our children's teachers have been doing so far.

Therefore, we think it is necessary to praise and say thank you for your commitment!

We also want to praise the idea of weekly Assemblies, which are always a breath of fresh air that comes into our home!! Congratulations!!


Portuguese family during the lockdown, April 2020

We have another student at WIS and I've seen how effectively WIS is handling remote learning. This has been further conviction for us to move [name] to WIS, as he could start online schooling [during] the lockdown.

Namibian father enrolling his son during the lockdown, April 2020

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