Devices 2020-21


Windhoek International School recommends Chromebooks for the year 2020-21 and onwards. iPads have served us well thanks to their portability and versatile use. Chromebooks have become popular in the educational setting for the following reasons;


  1. They last longer. The typical lifespan is about 5 years

  2. They offer a full-size keyboard. This is something that the teachers in secondary school have requested.

  3. No technical hassles. Unlike other devices, they update themselves, only requiring a quick restart. To date, they are not affected by viruses or malware. 

  4. They start up quickly. It takes about 7 seconds to boot up a Chromebook making it ready for use immediately. 

  5. Long battery life. They have about 12 hours of battery life on average, depending on the model.


We are a Google Suite For Education School. In February 2020 we celebrated 10 years of using the G-Suite for Education platform at Tech Camp 2020. An annual conference we host for schools in and around Namibia. We use Google Apps for document creation, editing, collaboration, storage and publishing. We are moving to fully utilise Google Classroom as our Learning Management System making it one platform, one sign-in for our teachers and students. Our teachers are working towards becoming Certified Google Educators. G-Suite Apps are native to Chromebooks and allow for documents to be accessed both online and offline, although they are theoretically stored in ‘the cloud’.


Chromebooks have not been seen much of a Namibian market share up to now. They are becoming popular in schools in South Africa. This makes them accessible to us. They are cost-effective compared to other devices. We look forward to seeing them support a blended approach to learning at WIS. Watch a 1minute 40-second video about the device here.


If you are thinking of replacing your child’s device for the next academic year, we recommend that you have a look at an offer from Nanodog below. Financing is available through Nanodog.

Check to see if your printer is compatible with a Chromebook HERE.