WIS is not required to follow a designed national curriculum, as such, we aim to develop a curriculum that meets the diverse needs of our international learners. The IB PYP Language scope and sequence is reflected through the conceptual understandings as a base for language learning. The Early Years 3 through Grade 5 Language curriculum has been articulated and supported further through the adaptation of the Australian Curriculum (ACARA), which is research and evidence-based, rigorous and internationally benchmarked. The Early Years 1 and 2 Language curriculum has been elaborated on, using references, such as First Steps, UK Foundation Stage Framework and various occupational and speech therapist early childhood milestones to articulate the developmental building blocks needed for language acquisition. 
We support each child through a developmental approach. “In all language learning situations, it is necessary to identify the learner's current developmental phase in order to plan learning experiences that will build on existing capabilities and understanding as to support the learner's progression on the next developmental phase.”  (PYP Language Scope and Sequence 2009)


Our Language strands include: 

  • Oral - Listening & Speaking 

  • Visual - Viewing & Presenting

  • Written - Reading

  • Written - Writing

The benchmarks provide the framework to plan and develop learning engagements in literacy and across the disciplines of social studies, science, visual arts, performing arts, physical education, mathematics and information technology. 

The Primary Years Programme promotes inquiry-based authentic language learning. Whenever possible, all learning takes place within the unit of inquiry. Language learning is transdisciplinary and is taught and explored through structured inquiry. All teachers are language teachers. 

Using a balanced literacy approach, students are engaged in authentic language experiences that connect them to realising their individual potential. Students develop listening, speaking, reading, writing and media-literacy skills throughout the programme. 


Balanced Literacy Approach