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For more than twenty years Windhoek International School has been authorised by Cambridge University to offer IGCSE courses to our students in Grade 9 and 10.


Over the past seven years (2015 - 2021) nearly 300 WIS students have taken over 2,000 exams in 24 subjects.  Results are graded on a scale from A to G with outstanding results being awarded an A*.  Over the last 14 years, our A*-C average was 70% and 21% of all grades have been A or A*.


IGCSE courses are two-year programmes of study leading to rigorous, formal, and externally-assessed examinations.  They are therefore the ideal preparation for the IB Diploma examinations that WIS students will take two years later at the end of Grade 12.


Please note that IGCSE letter grades such as A, B, C do not correspond in any way to the grading system familiar to parents from North America.  In fact, there is a rough (but unofficial) correlation between IGCSE and IB Diploma grades with a C at IGCSE corresponding to a 4 at IBDP.


Learn more about Cambridge IGCSE here.

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