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IBDP RESULTS 2017 - 2021

Windhoek International School is the only IB World School in Namibia and for more than twenty years we have successfully been offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Over the past five years (2017-2021) we have entered 81 students for the IB Diploma and 77 have passed. That is a pass rate of 95%, far above the average pass rates worldwide.

Our 2021 results (we entered 16 students) were particularly good with an average point score of 33.6. Our highest scores over the past five years have been 40 (2), 41 (2), 42 and 44.

Unlike many IB schools, WIS is inclusive (i.e. non-selective) and we are proud of our annual success in what is widely considered to be the best and most rigorous preparation for university entry.

In recent years our students have sat IBDP exams in the following subjects:

  • English A (SL & HL)

  • French B (SL & HL)

  • German B (SL & HL)

  • German ab initio

  • Portuguese B (SL & HL)

  • Spanish ab initio

  • Business & Management (HL)

  • Economics (SL & HL)

  • Geography (SL & HL)

  • History (SL & HL)

  • Psychology (SL)

  • Biology (SL & HL)

  • Chemistry (SL & HL)

  • Physics (SL & HL)

  • Mathematics (SL & HL)

  • Mathematical Studies

  • Visual Arts (HL)

  • Sports Science (SL)

  • Computer Science (HL)

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