Tuition Fees from January 2020

All figures are in Namibian Dollars.




(1)   Subject to an increase to reflect the prevailing rate of inflation from August 2020.

(2)   Applicable to all Namibian citizens and Permanent Residents.

(3)   Per child enrolled per academic year.

(4)   Per child and payable once only upon entry at any age.

Please note the following.


  1. Details of payment methods, including bank details, are included on each invoice.  It is the responsibility of parents to provide the school within 24 hours of proof of bank transfers.

  2. Ordinarily, all fees are paid in N$.  However, fees may also be paid in USD or Euros.  Please contact the Business Office for an invoice in the preferred currency.

  3. Parents are responsible for the settlement of school fees.  It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that fees are received by the published deadlines.

  4. Fees may be paid in N$ cash but only into the school’s Notice Deposit account (details are on each invoice) or in person at the Business Office.  Please note that a 1.5% surcharge will be added to all cash payments.

  5. For families who join the school after the first day of the school year, please refer to Late Enrolment in Payment Procedures.

  6. Interest at the prime rate will be charged to all fees that are 30 days or more overdue.

  7. Except in exceptional cases, students whose fees are 60 days or more in arrears will be automatically suspended with immediate effect.

  8. Fees are subject to annual increases as determined by the Board of Directors.

  9. If a Trust is paying the fees, a commitment must be made in writing to pay the fees directly from the Trust.

  10. IGCSE and IBDP exam fees are not included in school fees and are the responsibility of the person or organization responsible for paying fees.

  11. Families will receive a 25% discount for the third of three children enrolled concurrently and a 50% discount on the fourth of four enrolled concurrently.  

  12. Fees that are seriously in arrears will be referred to the school lawyer for collection.

  13. If any fees remain outstanding from a given school year, the student may not enroll for the new year until they are settled in full.

  14. All applicants to the school will be charged an N$200 non-refundable assessment fee.  Payment must be made before the assessment takes place.


Version: January 2020

Notes for payment

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