Early Years Programme


Our Early Years Programme includes Early Years 1 through Early Years 3. 

It is a play-based multi-sensory approach, as children inquire into the world around them. The power of play is the primary vehicle for inquiry, supporting thoughtful and intentional opportunities for child-initiated play, hands-on learning, and the co-construction of learning between teachers and young learners. Through play and exploration, children will learn to inquire as they build and test theories. 

What is multi-sensory learning?

Multi-sensory learning involves using all of the senses. The senses are very important for learning and inquiring in a whole and complete way. Our eyes, ears, taste buds, nose and skin are truly windows to the world. Multi-sensory learning is the theory that individuals learn better if they are taught using more than one sense. The senses usually employed in multi-sensory learning are visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile – VAKT. Other senses might include smell, taste and balance.


Teachers plan units of inquiry from play-based learning experiences around the following developmental areas: 

  • Physical Development - gross motor and fine motor, visual perception, and spatial awareness

  • Personal, Social & Emotional - modelling and supporting social skills, personal and emotional well-being

  • Expressive Arts & Design 

  • Language

  • Mathematics 

All of these are explored by the child, through symbolic exploration and expression, play as well as learning spaces (both inside and outside) to enhance relationships with others and the world.