Admissions: Learning Support and EAL 

We support the philosophy of inclusion and we serve to support the educational needs of a diverse community of learners at WIS from a range of cultural and educational backgrounds. Admission is open to students who demonstrate the ability to access and benefit from a challenging, international, English medium education of our international school. WIS is equipped to provide support for students, representing a wide range of learning challenges.


Homeroom teachers plan and support differentiated learning styles in the approaches to teaching and learning. A blend of one-on-one support both in class and outside of homeroom class, as well as small group instruction approaches,  are used to meet the needs of learners.


Our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programme focuses on problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The Sensory Room at WIS is a safe space that allows students to self-regulate and re-balance themselves while interacting with peers.

Often we have students that enter the school with little or no English. In the Primary section, we have an English as an Additional Language teacher (EAL) who helps EAL learners to acclimatise and promotes inclusion by providing support for personalised teaching and learning tailored to match their needs.